AF Comets 38mm 225ft to 275ft - Low Smoke Lift(TM)

An extremely clean product that produces a very large and bright colored star with almost no smoke and virtually no fallout. The signature Low Smoke Lift™ system encompasses all plastic construction with a paper seal on the top of the tube that provides protection against weather and cross ignition.  The additional benefit of reducing smoke by up to 90% makes the Low Smoke Lift™ a must for large indoor venues and close proximity applications.
Available with or without standard Silver tail. Additional Specialty Tails: Gold Strobe, Silver Strobe, Gold & Pixie Dust. 
Sold with a standard 72” (1.8m) electric match installed.  These Comets are available in two heights, 225ft (68m) & 275ft (75m).

Colors Available - Red, Green, Yellow, Blue, White, Pink, Orange, Purple and Gold - Available with or without silver tail

New CXC (Color Changing Comet)

The CXM (Color Changing Mine) creates a colorful punch directly out of the tube but adds a subtle color effect as it reaches its pinnacle.  The 2 in 1 effect starts with a very bright Tracer effect through approximately 75 ft. where it changes to our standard AF Comet Stars as it travels to its height.  You must see the Color Changing effect to truly appreciate it.

The CXM is a stunning effect when shot in an “All Fire” fan.  A reliable crowd pleaser!  The 57mm tube makes a tight fitting package with a lot of punch from such a small tube. 
Available in a paper tube with a standard lift charge – a Low Smoke Lift™ version is coming soon.
Color variations are practically limitless.  See our website for the wealth of colors available.  (if possible, insert link here)
Product includes a standard 72” (1.8m) electric matched (installed)

Give at least 12 business days notice and get the special "Minimum Advanced Notice Price" shown below.

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