AF Comets 25mm 140ft - Low Smoke Lift(TM)

An extremely clean product that produces a very large and bright colored star with almost no smoke and virtually no fallout. The signature Low Smoke Lift™ system encompasses all plastic construction with a paper seal on the top of the tube that provides protection against weather and cross ignition.  The additional benefit of reducing smoke by up to 90% makes the Low Smoke Lift™ a must for large indoor venues and close proximity applications.
Available with or without standard Silver tail. Additional Specialty Tails: Gold Strobe, Silver Strobe, Gold & Pixie Dust. 
Sold with a standard 72” (1.8m) electric match installed.  These Comets are available in two heights, 140ft (43m) .

Colors Available - Red, Green, Yellow, Blue, White, Pink, Orange, Purple and Gold - Available with or without silver tail


Give at least 12 business days notice and get the special "Minimum Advanced Notice Price" shown below.