Comets Flash Paper

PYROPAK® Flash Paper Comets shoot a small flaming ball into the air to produce a streak of flame adding drama to any event. PYROPAK® Flash Paper Comets have a 25’ clearance height and produce no fallout. Sold with an electric match installed, standard 72" lead.

Give at least 12 business days notice and get the special "Minimum Advanced Notice Price" shown below.

Product # Product Name List
CPPCM6FP Comet - 25' Flash Paper 6"
Product # Product Name Tube Details Effect Height Effect Width
CPPCM6FP Comet - 25' Flash Paper 6" 0.62IN X 6IN / 15.7MM X 152.4MM 25 FT/ 7.5M 2FT/ 0.61M
Product # Product Name CE Instruction – German / English BAM Number NARCAN-Approved Ex Number
CPPCM6FP Comet - 25' Flash Paper 6"
0589-T1-0478 No EX2018080232