Low Smoke

Ultratec’s low smoke products maintain clean and bright colors, delivering these with extremely low smoke. These low smoke products are what have become vital in televised productions, sporting & corporate events, live theatrical, and anywhere smoke is considered a nuisance. Ultratec is also committed to reducing lift smoke allowing us to set new standards in low smoke Pyrotechnics.

Bright Colors

Ultratec's vibrant colors are considered the best in the industry. Ultratec’s patented formulations and quality raw materials allow us to set the benchmark in the proximate pyrotechnics industry.

Certified Worldwide

Global Distribution demand lead our commitments to having proper certifications. Ultratec is proud to be the leading Pyrotechnics Company to have more than 1000 devices CE Certified in Europe. Our commitment to compliance and certification remains imperative when delivering excellent customer service.

What's in the News

Tracers are Back!

We have completely re-engineered the product to ensure a safe and reliable process without compromising the quality and consistency you have come to expect from Ultratec’s Tracer Comets. Please refer to our website for all the details including part numbers, pricing and our availability by using Ultratec’s state of the art inventory system. As always, […]

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New Staff Annoucement

Ultratec Special Effects, Huntsville Pyrotechnics Operations are pleased to announce the hiring of 2 very experienced individuals, Brett Green & Otis Hart. Brett Green brings with him twenty plus years’ experience in the explosive safety and training arena. Brett is Ultratec’s Safety & Compliance Director. He gained his experience as a U.S. Army Explosive Ordnance […]

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Events & Important Dates

  • Our Huntsville office is closed on following dates in 2019: Jan 01, April 19, May 27, July 04, July 05, September 02, November 28, November 29, December 24, December 25.
  • The Germany office is closed on the following dates in 2019: Jan 01, March 30, April 02, May 01, May 10, May 21, May 31, October 03, December 25-26th.