Prism and Firestorm Fluid

Made of stainless steel, the prism uses compressed air to elevate and aerate the firestorm fluid into the propane pilot flame for ignition. The units may be daisy chained together and fired in sync or grouped into different zones for added flexibility and creativity.

Firestorm Fluid is the magic behind the prism's colored flames. A one liter bottle will produce about 40 seconds of colored flame when used in the prism flame projector. This alcohol based mixture has virtually no odor and is environmentally safe. Available in 6 different colors, (red, green, blue, orange, yellow, and purple).

The Prism Flame Projector is a DMX controlled device that, when used with our Firestorm Flame Fluid, is capable of producing columns of colored flame up to 15' in height. Up to four different colors can be used in the unit at one time.