Aqua Fire

Ultra-Flame Gel is a unique product utilizing some proprietary components that are used in our low smoke compositions. It is available in 1kg packages that will burn for approximately 20 minutes depending on various possibilities. If you spread the material thinly on a surface it will burn quicker. If you decide to keep it accumulated in a pile, it will burn slower. The speed of the burn is based on the exposed surface area. The ignition source can be an open flame or can be ignited by our electric matches. It is smokeless and readily available. Check out this great new product on the video displayed to the right or go to the Ultratec YouTube Channel. Let your imagination run wild with the many applications that could use this interesting product.  


Give at least 12 business days notice and get the special "Minimum Advanced Notice Price" shown below.

Product # Product Name List
CPPAQUA01 Aqua-Fire
Product # Product Name Tube Details Effect Height Effect Width
CPPAQUA01 Aqua-Fire
Product # Product Name BAM Number NARCAN-Approved Ex Number
CPPAQUA01 Aqua-Fire No